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• Timelapse video on display for 2 months in the Marolles (1000 Brussels).
• All catalogues are available on ISSUU. Check the "publications" or this ISSUU page.
• Album cover (Bed Rugs) featured in the Red Bull Elektropedia "Belgium Vinyl Frontier".
• New album cover for Moaning Cities out in September on EXAG Records.
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"FOLK Reproduction Set" - 100,00€
Special edition package of reproductions & limited edition content will be available the week of the exhibition opening.
This LP style packaging will contain the following :

• "Lockdown" 28x28cm print on stock with soft finish
• "Agatha" 28x28cm print on stock with matte finish with selective UV
• "Selfie Styx" 28x28cm print in stock with super glossy finish
• "Lockdown" & "Selfie Styx" 43x58cm reproductions on silk
• Special edition 28cm "FOLK" catalogue printed on soft silk paper
• "Kaiju Superstar" catalogue (regular edition)
• "FOLK" US sticker
• "CEREBRUM CRUMBS" postcards
• Limited 50 hand numbered & signed copies